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At Kolbeh Building Innovation & Design, one of our specialties is design and development of building interiors and exteriors. Our design is original and beautiful and the selection is diverse, providing a look to complement any individual style.

We are constantly improving new feature while keeping functionality and efficiency as our main objective.

From the very beginning, we have kept a position of respect and commitment to the environment. Our partner’s industrial plants have been in harmonious coexistence with an agricultural sector that requires environmental responsibility. We use sustainable, recyclable materials in our products and environmentally-friendly manufacturing practices.

Architecture & Interior Design

Each design project is a work of art that embodies the owner’s vision and purpose as well as the Kolbeh Building Innovation & Design team’s Creativity, Knowledge, Experience and Skills. Our team can walk you through every aspect of the design process; from sketching out the initial concept to picking finishes. Our design is more than a product; it’s a way of living, an outstanding value and investment in your home and business. Based on our initial meetings, we provide you with a first draft of the design and preliminary cost estimate for your consideration.


No matter what type of building project you are considering; from making a repair to expanding the size, we pride ourselves not only on the visible quality of our projects, but also the “behind the wall” quality for our work. Kolbeh Building Innovation & Design’s group will work with you every step of the way with our talented team of designers, builders and interior decor specialist at your disposal to ensure a seamless transition from old to new again.


At Kolbeh Building Innovation & Design, We introduce you to our unique products and features; discuss the available materials, finishes and any internal components. We show you the practical and functional benefits based on ergonomic and individual needs. Together, we develop a schedule and design within your preferred budget. All of our designs are customizable. Choose the finish, color and cabinet style that matches your personal taste. We offer many color options ranging from bright to neutral as well as different color wood grains available in both vertical and horizontal formats.